Friday, 12 October 2012

Dining chair slipcover from Miss Mustard Seed tutorial

       I have been a fan of the infamous blogger, Miss Mustard Seed for about year and have been reading her tutorials over and over again. I think i have probably watched the video for making a wingchair slipcover made from dropcloth tutorial, for example, about 4 times. And though i probably even remember the next word she's going to say in the video, i have yet to muster up enough courage to tackle such a big project. So i decided that for such a novice seamstress like me, i shall put my virgin sewing machine to test by trying out the dining chair slipcover instead.

        Marian, my 'idol' made it look so easy, and although i would say it aint that difficult, it was tough work for me because i only have nights and weekends to work on it. It was like one night cutting out the fabric, the night after next hemming up the sides, it went on. So what would have taken probably a day, i took about 3 weeks, ok 4 weeks including the last part which was attaching the ribbon. But the result was quite adorable, just dont stare at it for too long because it's not anywhere near perfect. Here it is.

The side view (i know! its time for me to buy a camera.. my pics are so blur..)

I added piping which was not part of the tutorial but it was from another one. I purposely incorporated it into this one so i could practice.

i love the back view the most

        This week has been such a rollercoaster ride for me, its like good news, followed by sad news and then followed by another good news... As im writing this, im just praying hard for the best of my loved ones. A good reminder that challenges are meant to test those whom He loves. Anyway, one of the good news is that, my much raved about Annie Sloan chalk paint has arrived! I really cant wait to try it out! ;)

ASCP in duck egg blue and old white

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