Friday, 19 October 2012

Annie Sloan paint and floral motif decoupage trial

       Its been such a lazy weekend so far, but i shouldnt be hoping for too much. I finally did some painting, but its not complete yet. I was also hoping i could sew myself another tablecloth because i simply cannot stand the chocolate milk, curry sauce and mushroom soup stains on the current one that's on the table. Neither do i want to take that off to wash because i couldnt bear the thought of exposing my favourite piece of furniture to more 'leftovers' of our 'happy-family-let-the-kids-do-their-thing' meals :p

       Well i did, however, manage to take some pictures of my last weekend trial of the annie sloan chalk paint i received. I experimented on a small wooden box i bought from Daiso- i painted it, applied clear wax, distressed it and then followed by the dark wax. All the reviews online were true, the final product felt buttery smooth and it was heavenly easy to sand off at all the appropriate edges.

A close-up of the edge of the box


       I buffed it to a sheen and i liked the outcome, but somehow, my itchy hands wanted to do something more. I wanted to try my hands on decoupaging some floral motifs, so i digged out my country magazines and searched for floral pictures. Instead of using a pen knife (which i dont have) to carefully cut out the picture, the impatient me used a big utility scissors and hurriedly cut it out while making an effort to console my then crying 2 yr old. I went ahead with it, and though it looked very choppy (well, i am an amatuer after all heh..), i continued putting on four layers of 'mod podge' alike glue, waiting for it to dry completely before applying each layer.

Choppily cut out motif :p

         I have to say i might not have the patience for the art of decoupaging, but i wont be giving up yet... ;)

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