Sunday, 18 November 2012

Emilie- My very first self-sewed tablecloth

          Its really been quite a while since i  last embarked on a 'project'. I have to blame it on the lack of material, financial and most importantly, energy. Plus with all the sad news happening around the world, i have to say my mood aint that high too. But nonetheless i pushed myself to finish up the tablecloth which i started about three weeks ago.

          I totally heart the tablecloth which i bought from Christiana, owner of Etsy shop, Ruffled Linens. She is a really wonderful, talented seamtress and she's really nice too. The combination of linen and ruffles gives such a dreamy, romantic look and i immediately fell in love with it when i first saw it. But i needed an extra tablecloth, especially with 2 toddlers around. This time i dont have linen and neither do i have enough fabric to make ruffles, so i looked into the idea of the next two things that i love-swags and ribbons. Might be pretty, sweet and vintage-looking right? There was only one way to find out-DO IT! ;)

          I sewed the tablecloth on one of the sundays, but i put off sewing ribbons to the corners till today. Here's introducing 'Emilie' :)- the finished tablecloth.


           My husband thinks itsway too girly and 'trying too hard to be sweet' LOL.... ok fine he's a guy guy after all. Anyway to each, its own. I think its pretty enough for a first try and i hope there will be more to come, im already imagining burlap and lace (oooh....). Oh by the way, see that woven tag? i got it from Its Mine Labels. Im such a dreamer i know, lol...  i haven even sewed alot and i got myself my own label?? Well, it makes me happy, that's all that matters- quote from my elder sis :). I was inspired by Martha Stewart's community of 'Dreamers Into Doers', a group of talented and creative women who turns their dreams into careers they love. Im not exactly dreaming, im actually just doing something i like for now, but nothing wrong with being inspired right? ;)


  1. The labels might actually spur you to sew more often to add to your collection! Hehe...glad to know that my words stuck to you. ;p

  2. Thanks Kak, yes it definitely sticks to me!:) actually it's true, I'm more motivated to sew after I got the labels hehe...

  3. Where did you order those labels from?

    1. I got it from this site:, check it out it's quite nice :)