Friday, 14 September 2012

First baby step

       It was a friday, and sitting in the train on my way back home, i was intensely reading the pages on my cracked iphone screen. yes, i have yet to send it for a replacement screen, but not surprisingly, that's the last thing on my mind right now. of course i do get stares from people, but sometimes i like to see their reaction. anyway, back to what i was reading- reviews on sewing machine. i cant remember when i first thought of my so-called 'dream' but in the last few weeks, my mind was saturated with ideas and plans. With no concrete plan and support, i set my heart out on the first step towards it. After all, it has to start somewhere, and i will never know if i can do it unless i try...

        Ok, so i know i was supposed to buy the kids' milk after work in tampines mall, but it surely wont hurt if i drop by Courts to 'survey' some sewing machine right? yeaps.. of course it wont. Half an hour later, i find myself crouching over a middle aged woman, looking intensely at her handling the not-so-alien machine, but sometimes feel like it. I left the store with a 7kg box in my hand, feeling unsure if ive made the right move (it was the cheapest one around), but excited at the same time. Then i remembered about the milk and i felt my phone vibrating in my bag. Must be my dearest wondering why im taking too long to get the milk. Sheesh how could i forget about that. I had no choice, so i went to ntuc-and yes, dragging the 7kg load along.....

              (it suffered lots of kicks from the kiddos even before the box was opened)

(at the rate at which the kids are 'abusing' it, not sure if it can even last a few months. But that's a gd excuse to get a better one i suppose ;p)


  1. Baik uh! Time to get em materials now!

  2. Yey! I was so excited to try it out but realize I don't have all the other sewing necessitie! -.-