Friday, 5 April 2013

Finally made it!-Rustic Vintage Family Name Sign

          And so the story goes that my bothersome pain around my my ribs and right scapula wasn't a sprain after all, and the hurtful fact that the money spent on my massage last week wouldn't have helped a bit. Its shingles that has attacked my thoracic nerve. A 3 days mc followed by an extended week since my rashes has yet to dry up. I wouldnt be able to work anyway because of the pain, but that didnt bother me as much. As i worry about how many days mc i have left and as to whether it would last me till the end of the year, another part of my brain was thinking, this would be the perfect time to stop thinking and start trying- yes, all the things that i have yet to 'practice'. Its weird that the only painkiller they could give me, which is paracetamol, couldn't take the pain away but doing this did :p

          I dont know what is it with me, but i always seem to fall for things that aren't available here in Singapore, or perhaps i just dont know about them even if they do exist. When i first started to move into my long awaited flat, i stumbled upon (well erm i kinda searched for it actually) an etsy seller based in US, who makes gorgeous vintage handmade signs. I looked high and low for such sellers based locally but i couldnt, and i certainly feel for those who wish for the same thing- IF there are any that is (or am i really the only one?) ;p . I was truly inspired to have a go at it, after receiving it.

          I go weak at 2 things (my husband will tell you there are actually more): first- sweet vintage and second: rustic vintage, farmhouse stuffs. So these are the 2 designs im starting my hands at. I owe my big sister for a lot of things, mainly her advices and listening ear (read:whatsapp messages). So I wanted to 'dedicate' my first, so called perfected (in my definition of course hehe..) handmade sign. I did a sweet shabby chic style for her and this was how it turned out to be inititally.

          I should have just distressed it a bit and waxed it, but my hands were itching to make it better and i ended up ruining it instead. So i decided to make another one, a rustic farmhouse look and this was how it turned out.


           Im not sure if my sister likes this look, but im happy with how it turned out heh... I have a few planks of wood to play around with, so do let me know if you would like to have one for yourself ;)

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Too many things, too little time... and a new found love-French typography

          Its been a few months since the last post, but i cant blame it more on the fact that i have been busy doing so many things. Ive been pretty distracted with sewing kids clothes, which btw i so really love doing, but since my twin needle broke while i was sewing recently and i have yet to receive my new one, i thought i might as well update my long abandoned blog.

          There are seriously too many agenda on my mind but i have to say time is running out since June will be THE month that every project will be put in pause mode, since i hope by then i'll be too absorbed with my new bundle of joy (not to mention endless nursing and sleepless nights all over again, aah... well the joys of motherhood heheh...still looking forward to it nonetheless..)
          While 'upcycling' my husband's Dockers shirt into my son's tunic top recently, ive also found a new 'toy'- a bias tape maker. Ive just got to share this since i was so amazed at how much difference it made to a homemade top.

          It really made it look more 'professional', even my mom doubted that i sewed it myself.  Well anyway, for sewers out there, this thing is really easy to use and it costs just about 10 dollars so go try it!

From an old DOCKERS shirt which the dad has erm outgrown

To a tunic top-finally something formal for Auzaie to wear


From an old pyjamas pants

To a new top for Niloufar
Decided on a new label for kids top since some may have sensitive skin and the back label may not work for all especially infants
My mak nenek 'modelled' the first top with the new label
All this while waiting to work on some new fabric which a friend has bought from Bandung, which i specially sewed for our bestie's newborn and her 3yr old daughter.


Im still trying to work on finishing a top for a friend's niece, my own niece, as well as some really pretty knits which i just bought for a great deal.. so look out for that! ;) But since knits (stretchy material) are pretty different from woven fabric, im waiting for my special stretch needles to arrive before i start working on them again.

In the meantime, my hands were itching to make something so i went back to my first love- home decor :p I played around with doing some cushion cover prints and i think im really falling in love with French typography as part of home decor- rustic yet pretty!- well at least for me hehe..
Grainsack print

'Cafes & Legumes' print


          I had a prenatal massage done over the weekend (because i couldnt take the right scapula sprain i had when i tried to control a cough ive been having for 2 months) and when the lady came to massage me, i realised that the ironing board was such an eye sore (ok maybe only to me hahah-but it was slightly burnt and i couldnt even feel the sponge anymore). So basically, i didnt know where to hide it. So yesterday, i finally took out the fabric and some battling which i bought yonks ago when i first started my hands on sewing, and made an ironing board cover. I shouldnt have waited this long because it was really simple, quick and the result was really pretty (i still dont get it how my husband fail to even notice it-lol so apparently its just pretty to me, but i dont care). Anyway, now i really dont mind it standing against the wall even when not in use (so bimbo i know! lol... :p)
To chase my ironing blues away...


Yeah ironing board, you can stay right where you are now :)

Im not sure how long it will take before the next post, but in practising my sewing skills, i do intend to sew some pretty knits-really comfy for toddlers. And because Niloufar cant possibly have too many tops, they definitely need an owner. Hoping some mummies will be willing to 'adopt' them then ;). Have a fruitful Sunday everyone!